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Hours of Operation

​The daycare is open Monday through Friday from 6 AM to 6 PM. Please do not bring your children before 6am, we cannot open the doors before this time. Our Before and After School program will operate on the same schedule. The school bus is scheduled to pick up students at 7:15 am and drop off at 4:15 pm (schedule may change due to bus garage).

A late fee of $1 per minute starting at 6:01 pm will be charged for every minute a child is at the center after 6:00 pm to 6:30 pm. After 6:30 pm there will be a $5 charge per minute. This payment is due the day of the late arrival or before your child returns to the center. If no one has arrived or contacted the center by 6:30pm and all attempts to contact someone for the child have been unsuccessful, local authorities
will be contacted. After five (5) late pick – ups per family, you will be asked to find another childcare.

Parents and other adults authorized by the custodial parent(s) may pick up your child. Unfamiliar people will be asked to show picture identification and the child’s records will be checked. Parents will be contacted if the person is not on the authorized list.

Noah’s Ark Daycare, according to state guidelines, follows the “Open Door Policy” which is, any parent or guardian with legal custodial rights will be allowed on daycare premises at any time. They may visit their child at any time in the daycare setting. If the visitation is disruptive, the parent and the child may be moved to a different location on
the daycare premises. An appointment is not necessary but would be appreciated.

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Health & Wellness

 If your child is ill with any kind of the following symptoms the child must stay home:

  • Vomiting/diarrhea (within 24 hours)

  • Temperature of 100 degrees or higher

  • Any communicable disease diagnosed by a doctor


If your child has been exposed to or diagnosed with a communicable disease, it is required for you, as the parent/guardian, to inform the daycare staff. Any child that is too ill to participate in regularly scheduled activities (such as going outside) should stay home. If your child becomes ill at the daycare you will be notified and required to pick the child up as soon as possible. If the parents cannot be notified, the people listed as emergency contacts will be called.   

If your child has been diagnosed with any known developmental/health problems, the daycare staff must be informed. The staff must also be informed about food or drug allergies.

Safety Rules/Injury Prevention

To maintain a safe environment all rooms and equipment are checked daily for possible hazards. An adult always supervises children. Below are some guidelines to help prevent accidents:


  1.  Loose strings should not be on children’s clothing.

  2.  Slick bottomed shoes such as cowboy boots and dress shoes should not be worn unless you bring extra shoes for outside time.

  3. Comfortable play clothes should be worn, not dress clothes.


  1. Throwing things are not allowed

  2. Kicking, biting, hitting, or pushing are not allowed

  3. Running inside is not allowed

  4. Screaming, yelling, cursing, or back talking is not allowed.

  5. Climbing on furniture or on the stage is not allowed.


Consistent Care & Group Sizing

Noah’s Ark Daycare follows the group size requirements and Staff to Children Ratio under the Virginia Department of Social Services. We also provide care by consistent staff to ensure safety and comfort for the students in care.

  •  Birth-16 months ratio 1:4

  •  16 months-24 months ratio 1:5

  •  2-year-old ratio 1:8

  •  3–5-year-old ratio 1:10

  •  5–9-year-old ratio 1:18

  •  9–12-year-old ratio 1:20

 When children are in a mixed group go by the youngest child ratio in the entire group. 16 months-5 years ratio doubles during rest period.
 Staff must have sight and sound of all Children during rest time and may not leave the room at any time.

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