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There is a one-time enrollment fee of $40. This fee is due upon admission. The following forms must be completed before your child may attend our center. Children with incomplete files will not be granted admission to the daycare center. Certain forms
will have to be updated and kept current on file at the center.

1. Registration form
2. Immunization form
3. Physical exam
4. Parental agreement form
5. USDA income form
6. USDA enrollment form
7. Birth certificate or proof of birth
(Not to be kept at the center)

What we offer

Full-time and part-time, drop in (limited spots), Before and after school, and summer program (5-12 yr olds)

  • Full-time consisting of more than 25 hours and 5 days a week,

  • Part time consisting of 25 hours or 3 days a week

  •  Part-time spots are available for ages 2-5 years old. Spots are limited.* 

  • Drop-in is limited to 2 days a week*

*It is understood, if someone needs a full-time position, then you will be offered the full-time spot first. If you don’t need full-time care, this spot will be given to family requesting full-time care.


Things to bring/not bring to the Ark


  • Children should wear weather appropriate, clean clothes, socks, and shoes.

  • Parents are responsible for providing the child’s diapers, wipes, clean bottles, bottle accessories, formula, and unopened baby food (if not using the daycare’s choice of brands), pacifiers, and sunscreen lotion.

  • Children are required to have one change of clothes that is weather appropriate to leave at the center.

  • Please label these clothes with the child’s name.

  • Your child will need a blanket and a crib sheet for your child’s cot and a special stuffed animal/doll may be brought in for naptime and to help aide in transition and offer comfort for your child.

Can Not

  • Please do not bring anything to the daycare center that is not a necessity for your child’s care.

  • Additional toys, stuffed animals, and electronics distract the other child, as well as your own, from the center’s educational routine.

  • We also like to protect hearts from being broken, especially if toys are lost or get broken

  • Toys that are not appropriate will be placed in the director’s office for the parent to pick up that afternoon.

  • Teachers are not responsible for any lost or broken toys

  • Children who are not in the nursery and are 16 months or older will not be allowed to bring bottles to the daycare or in their classroom.

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